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More than just a Public Relations agency!

We are driven by our passion to help others live happier and healthier lives, both physically and mentally. We are compelled to bring to light the many wonderful products, services and therapies available that are not getting the attention and recognition they deserve. We accomplish this by garnering top tier earned media placements to gain credibility, increase awareness and develop strategic partnerships to fuel business growth. We also develop campaigns targeting fundraising for business scaling.      

We want our clients to be massively successful in their businesses so that collectively we may improve countless people’s lives with improved health and state of being. That is why we selectively align with clients that share this vision, passion and commitment and who truly want to be known for being part of the health movement instead of the medical movement.    

Our philosophy also conveys to partnerships that we forge between like-minded individuals and companies who all strive to help themselves and others lead healthier, happier lives. Our solutions are business based and implemented through network strategies that offer more than just public relations. Our unique open source platform includes sharing not only our resources but our client’s resources as well. So, when you join with HealthWell you also gain access to an entire network that is on the same unified mission to improve lives. 

Our experienced core team of business professionals, health and wellness communications experts, social media consultants and fitness and nutrition consultants have represented some of the most renowned names in health, medicine, and wellness from hospitals and healthcare practices to leading brands in health, fitness and nutrition products and services.

And, our clients are fortunate enough to benefit from all of our account teams being led by our dedicated senior staff who are involved in our clients’ accounts daily and are accountable for all of the work and solutions we provide.

Trust your business and brand to a team that understands your mission, needs and passion for optimal health and living.


HealthWell offers unique business and communication solutions for health and wellness companies and professionals. We provide analysis of your business and communications needs and prescribe a tailored program for you and your company. Whether in start-up phase, crowdfunding for capital or in growth mode seeking equity, debt, strategic partners or going public or going global, HealthWell can provide the valuable resources and counsel you need to realize success.


Our team has worked with the following:

la cordon bleu
UCI medical center
the vitamin shoppe
centinela hospital medical
amacari amazon strong
dignity health
american heart
chair free


Our clients have been featured on:

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